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Oliver has been involved in the arts for over 30 years. His creative outputs have extended across many mediums, but have always come back to the originality of abstract art, spontaneity of process and freedom of expression. 

Originally self-taught, Oliver began producing art at his home in London, refining his skill and technique and working towards a higher level of quality and creativity. He continues to create one of a kind pieces and explore new concepts and ideas. 

Oliver's work is largely created using acrylics and resin. He enjoys discovering new techniques and ways of manipulating shapes, colours, space and movement. Oliver says: "Creating art is a liberating and wonderful experience. Bringing an idea to life, present in the moment, is the sweet spot of artistic creation and a thrill to experience every time. Through abstract art I find beauty in imperfection and the words for things I cannot articulate."

Portrait photography by Matt Boulton

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